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Welcome to my web_hut

Personally, I...

Was named Rohit, just turned 28. Was born and raised in India specifically in MadhyaPradesh. Lived most of my childhood at a place called Khargone (140 km from Indore)  which I consider as my hometown.


Master of Technology (Solid Mechanics & Design) Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (India)
Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) S. G. S. Inst. of Tech. & Sc. Indore  (India)
Intermediate (Class IX & XII) D. A. (Govt.) H. S. School No. 1, Khargone (India)
Basic Schooling (*** to VIII) Bal Shiksha Niketan,  Khargone (India)

Work Life

Started my job life as a software engineer with Infosys Tech. Ltd. Bangalore India in March-2001. Was put to Banking & Business Unit. Being a Mechanical engineer initially it was hard to digest all those debit-credit, loans, maturity, term deposites and all financial terms, but now I am used to it and enjoying a lot. Currently working at Indosys' Bangalore office on a treasury product since July-2002. Well yes, that is quite a lot of time since then and 'm still @ Infy!


One of the favourite past times these days is emailing. Normally I try and reply to all personal emails that I am fortunate to get.

This was when I was in academics! the hectic work schedule has ruined it all :-(

I love sports - I love watching them... Cricket used to be a big craze and I used to be a major fan of Sachin Tendulkar!! I love following almost all the games.. I was never good at playing any games although I used to indulge in cricket and chess. Used to play lot of cricket in college - almost every weekend... Only games I've took part formally in a tournament are Cricket and Chess. I love playing chess but don't get chance to do that these days. After being here in UK for almost one year soccer is rising in my priority game's list. I don't follow english/scottish or europian leagues with each and every team, but I watch matches over television, and try to follow big teams like Man U, Arsenal and Liverpool! And I do read.. read almost everything.. that I could lay my hands on, still I prefer Hindi books. Chatursen, Shivaji Savant & Gorky are the few that I liked most. Wish, I could get more time for reading... But these days I hardly get time to read.. still go to local library at Croydon and get some books over weekends.

And what else.. love following current events particularly politics. All elections (like the Indian general elections, American presidential elections) and cultural events. Actually in school was pretty active in singing....

Sleeping is another thing which I love. Again thanks to work don't get much chance to indulge in sleeping and always look forward to the luxury of an afternoon siesta on weekends and holidays.


IITK is good - nice, warm and friendly people. The biggest hassle here is assignments. Those can be killing, making you sleepless for a day or two. Rainy season (June-Sept.) is lovely here because of heavy showers and Peacocks. We have lots of peacocks here, sometimes more than 7 or 8 dancing on the same floor in front of you. October to January is the turn of winter... Spring spans Jan-Feb and then typical Indian summer from march to June. 

London Days

London days are passing as zoomp, back 10 months I came here in July'02 and it's may'03 now!! It is a place that will remain in the books of history forever.. for Victorian Rule, Battle of Waterloo, Battle of Trafalgar and lot more. Days are filled with hazzle of going to office in Old Street, while I stay in East Croydon. Offcourse come home in the evening and cook for survival. I do go for small weekend trips in and around London, just to enjoy nice & peaceful country-side here. And ya, I made a short escape to India in march this year and got engaged to Richa. hmm... "London Days" are becoming more sweet with warmth of her love and more painful without her. Hmmmph enough of London, I want to go back to my home in India... hopefully in July'2003 :-) 

More About Me

Missing Home

Yeah, I do miss home.. Its interesting that I started staying away home ever since I finished Class 12 but yeah I do miss the sweet home. Even when I was doing Engineering at Indore I used to be staying in a rental flat but used to zip off for home at every available opportunity. Even during my M.Tech. I used to be based at Kanpur which is 1000 km from my home. But there was never an occasion when I was away from home for more than 3 months.

Food Habits

Normally I am pretty easy on food and if there is good food invariably I end up hogging. Am a non-compulsive vegetarian and given a choice will fill my plate mainly with Punjabi and Gujarati dishes. It doesn't mean that I don't like South Indian food, but only occasionally. I don't like Chinese and to be true I've never tried continental food.

Cooking and me

If anyone asked one of my people at home 3 yrs back about 'me and my cooking' they would have been treated to peels of laughter. Before coming to Indore for graduation my contribution to the kitchen work used to be going and chatting with Mom while she is doing the cooking and at times help in cutting vegetables. She could not afford to trust me with anything more. Used to prepare chapatis for test but never used to get proper shape, though!! hehehe But after coming to Indore I did start experimenting at kitchen.. More because to quench the late night hunger we don't have any option other than doing it by self. So started experimenting. And at times things turned out palatable. Now I can sort of survive even on my own. I can fix myself something to eat.. Not getting much time to do experimentation - too lazy..... while in London, I learned a lot, perticularly making chapatis and making them quickly! I mean quick enough ;-)